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Papers from school - John 1:1

Occasionally I will post papers that I have worked on for school in this blog. I will post a link to the paper and a references cited.

The first to be posted is a paper dealing with John 1:1 for a Hermeneutics class for Spring 05. It addresses the Divinity of Jesus Christ in this verse and shows that the verse is also one of the most powerful and clear expressions of the distinctions of persons found in the Godhead.

The paper can be found here:
The Word was God: An Examination of the Divinity of Jesus Christ in John 1:1

References cited:
Dewey, Arthur. “The Gospel of John: World of Cultural Polarities.” Catechist 37, no. 4 (January 2004): 58-62.

Galey, William T. “The Jesus Seminar: Making Uncomplicated Things Complicated.” New Oxford Review 67, no. 10 (November 2000): 33-37.

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Scott Shidemantle, C. “Jesus the Word According to John the Sectarian: A Paleofundamentalist Manifesto for Contemporary Evangelicalism, Especially Its Elites, in North America.” Journal of Evangelical Theological Society 48, no. 2 (June 2003): 348.

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