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I'm currently a Senior pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies.

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Blogging Explained (really)

I think Pearls before swine has become my new favorite comic.

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The dangers of misinterpretation

This comic is classic. So many people associate blessings with apporoval from God. Jesus said the rain falls on the just and the unjust. The measure of truth is not the appearance of blessing alone, it is the very word of God that shows us what is true.

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Philosophy of Ministry - update

Upon further refelction I decided that my previous outline was still too abstract to properly deal with the paper, so I decided to create a new one while still holding onto my previous work.  So far this is what I have:
  • Foundations
    • Saved - Christ Centered
      • Called
      • Redeemed
    • Surrendered - Spirit Filled
      • God Dependant
      • God Empowered
    • Servant - God Fearing
      • Worship
      • Discipleship
      • Evangelism
  • Goals
    • Reconcile Men to God
    • Equip the Saints to do the Ministry of God
    • Draw Near to God
      • Practical Personal Reasons
      • Practical Ministry Reasons
  • Methodology
    • Teaching
      • Truth Principles
        • Doctrine
      • Process Principles
        • Hermeneutics
        • Evangelism
          • Personal Evangelism
          • Community Evangelism
          • World Evangelism/Missions

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