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Philosophy of Ministry - update

Upon further refelction I decided that my previous outline was still too abstract to properly deal with the paper, so I decided to create a new one while still holding onto my previous work.  So far this is what I have:
  • Foundations
    • Saved - Christ Centered
      • Called
      • Redeemed
    • Surrendered - Spirit Filled
      • God Dependant
      • God Empowered
    • Servant - God Fearing
      • Worship
      • Discipleship
      • Evangelism
  • Goals
    • Reconcile Men to God
    • Equip the Saints to do the Ministry of God
    • Draw Near to God
      • Practical Personal Reasons
      • Practical Ministry Reasons
  • Methodology
    • Teaching
      • Truth Principles
        • Doctrine
      • Process Principles
        • Hermeneutics
        • Evangelism
          • Personal Evangelism
          • Community Evangelism
          • World Evangelism/Missions

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